• Innovative touch-screen with quick action buttons
  • TCP / IP connectivity
  • PMS connectivity through TCP / IP or Seriell
  • “Hot Swap” modular encoding deck (insertion, motorized or dual mag-RFID)
  • Backup batteries
  • Web-based technical support capabilty
  • USB backup and printer support
  • Stand-alone System


OnPoint can be directly connected with IP-based property management systems (PMS) for example: Opera, Sihot, Protel, Amadeus, … or it can be controlled via a cloud based PMS system. The OnPoint encoder is backwards compatible with existing Onity locks, therefore it is possible to exchange information between already existing encoders without any problems.


The reliability is secured through several features.

  • If there is a power failure, keycards can still be encoded because of the backup batteries.
  • The encoder offers „Hot Swap“ encoder decks, making it easy and affordable for hotels to upgrade card technologies without replacing the entire front desk system. If there is a technical error that makes it impossible to encode cards, you can simply replace the writing unit without having to modificate the configuration, since it only takes seconds.
  • Various backup options protect you from data loss.

Option 1:
Use a SD-card or an USB-stick for the daily backup
Option 2:
Use the server of your hotel network for your daily backup

Option 3:
Use an additional OnPoint as your backup encoder. The data will be synchronised every 60 minutes. You can also use this encoder for the usual check-in.

More advantages

  • The OnPoint uses the existing hotel network to communicate, therefore it does not need any further wiring.
  • Via administration of the web-interface you can edit settings and manage master cards from every computer in your hotel network.
  • Multiple encoding methods and technologies are available in one encoder including insertion, motorized, and RFID.
  • Browser-based software access enables master key management and service without a dedicated PC.


Dimensions:               136 x 190,5 x 280 mm (H x W x D)
Keycards Utilized:     Magstripe (HiCo and LoCo), RFID MiFare (Classic 1K/4K)
Backup Batteries:      6 Alkaline AA Batterien
Power supply:            Input: 100 – 240V 50/60Hz  Output: 12V DC 3,3 Amp