The Onity RFID electronic cylinder is the ideal locking solution for guestroom and staff doors at small to medium size hotels. Smart but simple, it provides convenience and high security using MIFARE® technology. Its installation is extremely quick and easy for refurbishment projects, as it only requires changing the mechanical lock for the electronic cylinder, with no other door modifications.



  • User friendly
  • IP-67 certified, protection from  water and dust (MAX Series)
  • Works with MIFARE® (Classic/EV1) 1K or 4K RFID cards and tags
  • Non volatile memory records the last 500 events
  • Capability to write events onto the card
  • Advanced encryption for high security
  • Smart sleep mode for energy saving
  • Acoustic low battery warning
  • Different finishes, sizes and handles available
  • Software based system, up tp 1500 doors and 12000 users

Modular Design of the MAX Series

The electronical cylinders can be additionally adjusted
comfortably depending on requirement.
This way you can protext your investment if you want to install a

cylinder to a door which could be thicker or thinner.

To acquire the perfect cylinder length, appropriate extensions will be

built into the cylinder.

AutoMAX System Kit
Save Costs
for Encoders and Software

Onity AutoMAX is a self programmable system, which is exclusivly based
on cards. Electronic cylinders can therefore be programmed and used
without the necessary programming device.
This system offers an easy and efficient access solution to give you the
highest protection with the easiest installation.
You can create new users without needing software or an encoder.

You can define the access authorization yourself, making you able to

decode it if you lose the card.

Portable Programming Device

Serves the data communication between the computer and the
electronical cylinder. Through easy handling and use the

device transfers and reads informations to the electronical cylinders.

The device can access the “event memory” of the cylinders
or transmit changes of the locking plan.
The data is shown on a LCD display.

    More functions:

  • initializing the cylinders
  • electronical emergency opening
  • adjusting time/day of the cylinders
  • diagnosing the cylinder with simple testing
Programmiergerät für elektronische Zylinder von Keyotel
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